Latest Goodie – Fire Pit

This is pretty neat. A fire pit with sculpty fire, smoke, embers, ashes/hot coals, etc. Easy click-menu controls for smoke and embers, realistic sound, fun features, and more! The sculpty fire is so real you and your guests will stare deep into it for hours as the flames dance and lick among the logs. Come by WaterMoon Breeze and try it out for yourself! Here’s some pics (more after the bump)…


The Fire Pit is listed on SLExchange at;

You have the options to turn the smoke and/or embers on and off. One of the neat features is a small cough when you turn off smoke. I have planned some cool stuff to go with this…

A couple copyable sit logs for people to gather ’round the fire – my plan is to make the sit logs so when you click it, it gives you a marshmallow on a stick. You wear it and that enables a “roasting marshallow” animation. The marshmallow will get darker and darker – if you don’t click it before too long it will burst into flames (accompanied by a “panic” animation), and you get a new marshmallow on your stick once you calm down.

But so many people wanted the fire, I figured I’d better put it for sale now, and make the marshmallow sit logs as a separate product.


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