WaterMoon in Transit

“Movin’ day – pack up your sh¡t and get away…” – Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks

WaterMoon Breeze is moving once again! We’re still part of Gilligans Island, but we’re relocating to an outlying isle designated as Professor’s Lab. At this stage, I’m incorporating many of our products into the landscape as examples of how easily our products can be used and manipulated to create their own beautiful, natural surroundings and environments (more pics and info after the bump)

The new island is a “void sim” meaning I have several restrictions to deal with, the main concern being; having an area the size of an island with only a quarter of the prims of a normal island.

Although this gives us more room and a few more prims, we don’t want our customers and clients getting lost or unable to quickly find what they’re looking for. With ease of use in mind, I’m landscaping the island to keep the land area to a bare minimum. The following pic shows how I’ve “manicured” the island down a bit.

This will not only consolidate all our products closer together, but will also serve to encourage me to use less prims as decoration while still presenting a pleasant, natural outdoor experience to visitors. It also will create a “flow” to the island giving visitors a defined walkspace so they don’t have to wander aimlessly to find interesting and helpful areas.

One thing I plan to do is to separate our products into 3 categories on the isle;

1. Weather Devices

2. Fun and Silly Toys

3. Windchimes/Carousels/etc. (miscellaneous)

Weather Devices will be the first thing the visitor sees upon arriving at WaterMoon. Fun and Silly Toys will be consolidated in a shack somewhere nearby – this shack will be designated with a large PROFESSORS LAB sign and vendors, making it easy to find. Carousels, Windchimes and other outdoor enhancements will be placed in prominent areas across the island for easy access and purchase.

I don’t think a pathway will be necessary, since the areas will be easily accessed, and I’m thinking about making wooden signs pointing to the areas that visitors can walk to or click the sign and be quickly teleported there, if they don’t feel like taking the short walk on laggy days.

Water, water everywhere, so we’ll have free fishing back as soon as possible – maybe an even more exciting fishing set-up this time. I’m considering several different ones to find the one that will be the most fun for everyone.


All is not perfect in paradise. I’ve discovered a dangerous problem with this area. The island in the middle of the lagoon is infested with tenacious Tropical Water-Zombies! DO NOT venture onto that small isle without a decent weapon or gun! You have been warned. In the near future I’ll provide an emergency gun dispenser for visitors to protect themselves. But in the meantime, if curiosity or scientific research brings you to that tiny island, you’re on your own if you don’t pack some heat.

REMEMBER: Zombies are dead, and as such, they don’t need to breathe air. They will follow you anywhere, including under water or across rivers/streams/ponds, etc. The good news is, they aren’t very fast. Most people can “outrun” them simply by walking away. Our studies show that these zombies will leave us alone for the most part, but stepping on their pentangle angers them, they will come after anybody careless enough to stumble into their “magic circle”. It is best to avoid this area completely, but if you unfortunately end up there, please carry a damaging weapon to protect yourself and any members of your exploration party.

The move to new location will give me a chance to incorporate all of our new products into the new build. Expect plenty more great products in the future, and lots more toys, freebies, and demos to make your visit to WaterMoon Breeze an exciting, pleasurable, serene and/or memorable one!



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