Deluxe Land Shaping Tool

The new “WaterMoon Breeze Land Manicure Tool” is finished and listed on SLExchange HERE.

A terraformer’s most-used (and our most requested) tool! Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you ever terraformed without it!

Great for quickly and accurately re-shaping your land! Using the terraform tools in your Edit Window yields inaccurate, and sometimes unsatisfactory, results. The WaterMoon Breeze Land Manicure Tool allows a much more controlled behavior of the land terraforming options.

Simply rez the Land Manicure Tool on the ground and click for a menu of options. Click the TUTORIAL button for an explanation of what each button does. The terraform tool changes to display the option used and allows you to visually observe the effect on your land as it takes place.

To raise and lower terrain, use the LEVEL options and pull the tool to your desired height, or drag the tool underground and the land will level down to it. Dragging the tool from side-to-side is an easy way to achieve a perfectly level an area to the exact height that you want.

Great for experimenting! If you make a mistake, you can easily level over it and smooth it out in no time flat! Easy as dragging a prim from side-to-side!

Copyable – so you can line-up several of them for those extra-large projects! Stand up next to a mountain, and chop it down with the edge of your WaterMoon Breeze Land Manicure Tool!

If you’re the kind of person (like me) that’s always reshaping their land, you’ll find yourself reaching for this tool every time! It is made to provide years of constant, faithful and unfailing service, whenever you need it.


Easy to use!

Easy to use!


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