Breedable & Feedable Interactive Virtual Pet Rock!

An EXCITING new pet!The latest in a long line of Breedable Pets! This exciting, interactive  Pet Rock is the perfect gift for anybody with some time on their hands! Even amateur geologists will joyfully pull their head out of their hole in the ground and proudly proclaim “This is some gneiss schist!”

Get your rocks off as you watch your Pet Rock sit there and do very little. But its inactivity is somewhat deceptive – it is actually growing (albeit slowly), at a rock’s pace!


The Breedable Pet Rock will grow from a tiny pebble of only 0.100 meters to a whopping boulder-sized 10 meters in six exciting weeks!

It GROWS!!! ...and has BABIES!

You can breed it with other Breedable Pet Rocks, but since they all look alike, why bother? It will gladly breed with any minerals found in the soil or any surface it is sitting on, so you should have a baby (pebble) Pet Rock in no time! A Breedable Pet Rock’s gestation time is approximately 3 weeks, so watch carefully for any new additions to the family!

To maintain a healthy Pet Rock, it is recommended that you snuggle with it daily, and talk to it often. Your Pet Rock comes with a free 10 chunk package of Generic Brand Breedable Pet Rock Food™ – it’s the stuff Pet Rocks love to eat! Feed it and snuggle often for a healthy, happy pet.

At first, your pet rock won’t do much. After a day or two, it will begin talking to you. Floating text above your rock will eventually inform you of what it is thinking and feeling, its health and hunger levels, and other valuable information. Pay attention to this information, as it will bring you closer to understanding its interests, its likes and dislikes, things you have in common, and in no time at all, it will become a dear, lifelong friend.

Well, …not exactly lifelong. Due to a genetic deviation when cloning Breedable Pet Rocks, scientists have determined that they only have a life span of approximately 6 weeks. As a rock reaches old age, its atomic structure begins to deteriorate, it becomes somewhat grumpy, and eventually will disappear into a cloud of marginally harmless dust. But by that time, it will have lived long enough to have at least one grandchild, so its got that going for it.

We know you will enjoy your new pet rock, and hope this rock and its offspring will bring you years of companionship, friendship and daily snuggles. You can find more novelties like this, weather devices, landscaping and building tools, gadgets and gizmos at WaterMoon Breeze (61, 59, 23)

The Breedable Pet Rock is available NOW on the Marketplace at;


3 Responses to Breedable & Feedable Interactive Virtual Pet Rock!

  1. […] Pet Rocks by MenuBar Memorial at WaterMoon Breeze. $L220 for the rock, $L10 for food. I LOL’d. […]

  2. FF says:

    Too funny! Brilliant! I bet they breed like…. like… humans!

  3. Blissy says:

    o_o Serouisly? Or is this a joke? o.o DOES SLENDY LIVE INSIDE?

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