What is Die Antwoord?

March 21, 2015

I’m bored. I turn on the radio and everybody is listening to the same old “top 40 from 40 years ago” garbage. I find no respite. Even those people I respect as great musicians listen to this crap. Over and over again. Every goddamn day.

This is the future, so why are we still doing the same stuff we’ve been doing since the 1900s? Where are the new concepts and ideas? How do you shake off this creeping malaise? What is the answer?!?

The answer is Die Antwoord.

My initial impression of Die Antwoord came from a random click on a YouTube thumbnail. I felt that the song and artistic style was uniquely interesting, but the self-aggrandizing, womanizing, anti-education of gangsta rap isn’t really a genre I enjoy. But more YouTube thumbnail suggestions in the sidebar dragged me into a 9-hour rabbit hole. Somewhere in those nine hours of thumbnail clickings, my mind did a sudden and total flip-flop over what I thought Rap/Rave/HipHop and new music in general is all about. This was the beginning of a long and fascinating obsession with Die Antwoord, their history, the musicians they collaborate with, and South Africa in general.

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